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Edee, Emmanuel B.K.A. Mawulikplimi

Category: TWAS Fellows
Edee is full prof. of physics and biophysics, U. of Lome, Togo. He was previously: dir. gen. of Higher Education, Togo; dir. gen., Sci. Research Council, U. of Lome, Togo; dir., U. Academic Affairs and Scholarity and Office du Baccalaureat, Togo. Honours include: Chevalier, Ordre du Mono, Lome; Chevalier, French Acad. Palms; Officier, Acad. Palms, U. du Togo; prof. emeritus, Univ. du Togo; and Joint Award, American Physical Soc. and Soc. of African Physicists and Mathematicians; Officier de l'Ordre Intl. des Palmes Académiques du CAMES. His membership includes: NY Acad. of Sciences; Intl. Higher Educ. Acad. of Sciences, Moscow; African Acad. of Sciences; Reviewers Committee, Ctr. for Special Studies and Programs, Egypt; ed. board member, Revue Scientific Res. and Essays; member of intl. sci. Committee of Electronic Journal "EIDO"; and sponsor, L'Oreal-Unesco Women Prize in Science.
First Names Emmanuel B.K.A. Mawulikplimi
Surname Edee
Nationality Togo
Category Fellow
Year of Election 1995
Section 09-Physics
Keywords Optics; holography; Schlieren and Phase contrast; signal processing; spatial frequency filtering techniques; acoustics: ultrasonic iteractions (scattering and absorption) with material; modellings.