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TWAS Newsletter

The Academy's quarterly magazine. ISSN 2222-7369. – Download PDF files of individual articles and/or entire issues.


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TWAS Plus is a new digital bulletin published six times per year. The focus is on science and engineering in the developing world. The audience is global.


TWAS Plus is a practical and easy-to-use guide to the Academy's most important initiatives in support of science for the developing world. Every issue has news about our work in areas such as African science education or science diplomacy. There's timely information about the opportunities offered by TWAS and its partners – including PhD and post-doctoral fellowships, research grants, award competitions and visiting scientist posts.

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TWAS Annual Reports

The Academy's Annual Reports since 2007. ISSN 2222-7377

2014 - Annual Report 2013


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Excellence in Science

A series of books published by TWAS that explore the achievements of some of the South's most successful science centres.

2014 - Annual Report 2013

Each profile details how the research center was founded, the challenges it has overcome and its role in a nation's sustainable economic development. TWAS's publication partners have included the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) and the Science Initiative Group.


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TWAS Research Reports

A series designed to examine critical science-related issues of importance both to the North and South.

2014 - Annual Report 2013

2008 - Sustainable Energy:
  For Developing Countries
2004 - Building Scientific Capacity:
  A TWAS Perspective.
2002 - Safe Drinking Water:
  The need, the problem, solutions and plan

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Other Publications

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Open source scientific information

A series of links to open access journal repositories and other freely available scientific publications, data resources, news services, etc.

The trend for publishing open access papers has increased year-by-year since it took off around 2000. A 2009 report in Science demonstrates that articles that are published via open access are twice as likely to be cited by scientists in developing countries, although this effect was less apparent in those countries with limited internet connectivity. Open access publications are available to anyone, anywhere with a suitable internet connection.

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TWAS, The journey of refugee scientists- Thousands of scientists and engineers have fled conflict zones in recent years, seeking safety. At the 2017 World Science Forum in Jordan, TWAS will premiere its new film, "Science in Exile", and explore the topic in a high-level session. Read full article here: https://twas.org/node/12447/

Latest From News

Opportunity Alert: Applications open for an Intensive Training Course in London

Opportunity Alert: Applications open for an Intensive Training Course in London

BYKholani Mbhiza

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is organizing a 4-day intensive training course on modelling infectious disease risk in a changing...

Call for Applications: TWAS-ASM Regional Workshop on Science Diplomacy

Call for Applications: TWAS-ASM Regional Workshop on Science Diplomacy

BYKholani Mbhiza

The Academy of Sciences of Malaysia (ASM) and TWAS are seeking candidates to participate in the regional workshop on science diplomacy, that will be...

Five Scientists from sub-Saharan Africa elected as TWAS Members

Five Scientists from sub-Saharan Africa elected as TWAS Members

BYKholani Mbhiza

TWAS-SAREP Congratulate the following 5 newly elected TWAS Fellows from sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya, Uganda and South Africa). TWAS elected 36 new members to bring...